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    Super Sensitive

    Speechless at the difference
    I'm Johanne Picken, I'm 37 & a Grade III Para Dressage rider. Loriot (Loz) is an 18 year old, 15.3 Hanoverian. He's always quirky, reguarly unseating me in competitions. After a bad fall and & a broken shoulder I tried physios, bitting experts, behaviourists, even horse whisperers - I had given up when a previous owner said she'd read about stomach ulcers causing behaviour problems. I decided to try Comfort Gut. He's been on it for 3 weeks, & the difference is amazing!He is a lot more relaxed, has hay left in his net. He's less spooky, more focused and less evasive and no more dance moves! I'm speechless, I can't find the words to express just how much of a difference Comfort Gut has made to him. Thank you Comfort Gut!!
    A much happier healthier looking horse
    I would like to express my delight in using comfort gut for my gelding. I have been using Comfort Gut for the last 2 months with my gelding who was diagnosed with Grade 2 EGUS. Having tried other supplements with no luck I decided to give Comfort Gut a go. I now have a much happier, healthier looking horse, who's dressage scores have improved tenfold since. His coat and overall condition looks amazing and he is much more consistent in his work, where before he clearly expressed disinterest in being ridden and using my leg. As you can see from the below photo (taken Dec/Jan 2015) the difference is noticeable.I would like to thank Comfort Gut for giving the old boy a new lease of life!
    I'm so happy I found this product
    Hello, I just wanted to let you know how I got on with comfort gut, my body suffers with ulcers due to hi anxiety and had become grumpy, and difficult to handle which isn't how normal self, he had started rearing and bucking while schooling and hacking. I started him on comfort gut and was surprised that within a few weeks we had our first ride together and he was happy with no rearing or bucking. I'm so happy I found this product. Happy boy.
    More relaxed and content
    We have a horse that had been scoped and who had severe stomach ulcers. We had to keep using gastroguard to keep his ulcers under control. He is a standard bred horse. His severe ulcers have meant he has continually refused food and as such was always extreamly lean. We have found that since using comfort gut he now eats everything we put in front of him. He is starting to put weight on and appears a lot more relaxed and content.
    Sophie Marsh
    I'm writing to tell you about my success with Comfort Gut on my event horses, specially one which has Ulcers.

    I compete 5 horses from BE100 to Intermediate / ** level and this product has helped to keep them looking good and keeping them settled, specially in the dressage phase which the horse with stomach ulcers struggled with.
    Mairead and Silver
    Owning a horse that's on such a high concentrated feed regime can only lead to one thing!! ULCERS!! and been stabled all year round can only lead to one thing when he is put out to grass yes that scouring but thankfully that has all stopped thanks to comfort gut now that his stomach is settled I can be sure that he is getting the goodness out of his feed and he can also now enjoy eating where as he was a fussy feeder before hand, thank you comfort gut just wish i had of known about it years ago

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