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    Fussy Eater

    Rachel Craig
    This is my thoroughbred gelding when i first got him i found it very hard to put weight on him, he wind sucks and is a fussy eater- i seen comfort gut advertised and though i would try it, there is been a big difference in him since.
    Mairead and Silver
    Owning a horse that's on such a high concentrated feed regime can only lead to one thing!! ULCERS!! and been stabled all year round can only lead to one thing when he is put out to grass yes that scouring but thankfully that has all stopped thanks to comfort gut now that his stomach is settled I can be sure that he is getting the goodness out of his feed and he can also now enjoy eating where as he was a fussy feeder before hand, thank you comfort gut just wish i had of known about it years ago

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