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    Fussy Eater

    Happy Horse again!
    "I was getting pretty disheartened about my poor girl. She was getting skinnier and skinnier no matter what I did, had gone off her food and I was at my wit's end until I chucked her on Comfort Gut- the results speak for themselves!!! I have a happy horse again who loves her food!" Nikki Teller
    What a Difference!
    "These photos are exactly 2 weeks apart. What a difference some TLC, feed, grass and our amazing sponsors Comfort Gut can do! The shine on his coat and his ability to finish his feed is huge! First photo Nov 4th and 2nd photo today Nov 18th of our beautiful boy Buzz who was saved from the Echuca Sales" Shory Park Horses
    Photos speak for themselves
    Zara being a stressy type is very sensitive and will weave when feeling stressed, that coupled with needing weight gain I also added Comfort Gut to her feed after reading many great reviews online. This is our first month to have used Comfort Gut but I can see how it has helped Zara with her condition, weight gain and moods. She is definitely more relaxed and is much more cuddly since being on it as well as a noticeably amount of weight gain in the month that I have been using it. I think you would all agree that the photos speak for themselves being only a couple of months apart. I can't recommend Bailey's Ease & Excel and Comfort Gut enough. Zara will continue with her exercise and her daily dose of goodness from both
    Great for windsucking
    Comfort Gut is great for our pony who wind sucks and helping our new boy adjust to the growing grass Becky Jones
    Worked a treat with a fussy foal
    I've used comfort gut on a fussy foal after weening worked a treat highly recommended Vikki Sheehan
    Won't eat without it
    This product is amazing my horses now won't eat their feed without it Mandy McIntyre

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