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    Haylage Related Problems

    Great for windsucking
    Comfort Gut is great for our pony who wind sucks and helping our new boy adjust to the growing grass Becky Jones
    Eating all his feed now
    I got some two days ago and already horse has eaten all feed and now I understand what ( LICK THE BOWL) means Not a scrap left Faye Hall
    Cribbing has stopped
    "I have seen a huge difference with my mare. I started with Comfort Gut. She is a cribber and also was cinchy when tightening her saddle. She would crib in her stall with every bite of hay. In the first few days , there were no more problems with tightening her saddle. Stands perfectly, no more throwing her head at her belly. With the cribbing- has stopped except for the first few mouthfuls of hay, but nowhere's near what it was. As for the proof to me that she is more content and that the cribbing has reduced is the fact that I stopped giving it to her for a week because I was worming her. However, instead of a 3 day off due to a busy schedule she didn't get wormed until late in the week, so she was off for seven days! The cribbing was back to what she was doing before! She was cranky, constantly at the other horses, didn't want you to even blink her way & ears would be pinned. Since we are back on Comfort Gut, we have a happy mare again. I have never had a cribber before so this was new territory for me and wanted to try to see if I could find a solution to help with the situation and I have no regrets in using Comfort Gut!" Terry Wagner
    A difference in one month
    One month on and I have to say I am sure there is a difference I have only been able feed it 2 scoops morning as per instruction from vet due to his PPID medication being fed evenings, so it will have taken longer to show any difference. I did, however start to notice a difference after about 2weeks. He is so shiny, droppings are better & rarely a dirty bottom The biggest thing I have noticed is he is less ticklish & is enjoying ( mostly) having a good scratch & brush.... he has hated grooming for many years! He is THE fussiest eater ever & I introduced gradually and had no problems at all
    I had Tried everything
    "I tried everything when my mare was on haylage and was a total mess and so unhappy. Since being on Comfort Gut white legs again, plus calmer under saddle"
    Megan Rodgers
    Brilliant stuff
    Rosie my 6yr old Irish Sport Horse. She suffered from gas especially out at grass and on haylage. Gave CG a try and bingo the fat bloat disappeared and she also stopped caring about the girth being done up (something i had put down to a mare thing) she isnt in the least mareish so i should have known better. Brilliant stuff that i have recommended to others

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