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    Behaviour / Calmer

    Changed my two mares
    "This product has changed my two mares completely, also in a very short space of time. My pony was very sensitive at the starts of rides and wouldn't want us to kick too hard for about 10 minutes, but now he has no sensitivity and is much more happier. My hack was very girthy but now she is very calm when we do her girth up. This product has defiantly made our tack up and warm up process a lot easer and quicker" Bridie McCullough
    No more dramas
    "I've been working with my current eventing Pony GeeGee for almost twelve months now. He's a ripper jumper but can be a handful with his spooking as well as his constant need to move. Couldn't stand still waiting between classes always circling. When my Coach Tarryn Proctor told me to try Comfort Gut her high strung mare is on it and was adamant it would help my boy. About two weeks into Using CG and there was a definite change to his overall attitude. My once fidgety pony now stands still while I can hold my reins on the buckle with no dramas. Comfort Gut has made him very chill, much braver and a pleasure to work with" paula De Iacovo
    Great all round supplement
    "I find that Comfort Gut is a great all round supplement for Romeo - it makes him happier, his coat looks amazing, his feet look great, and it also helps with keeping him calm. The difference is definitely noticeable!" Natalie Pridham - Orangeville, ON
    Trainer recommended
    "As owner/trainer at Stride For Stride in Dundalk, ON, I have been using Comfort Gut on my own horses and client's horses for about a year now with great results! I currently have 8 horses in the barn using Comfort Gut including my 21 year old Appendix Quarter Horse gelding who was having bouts of gas colic and losing condition and weight and had become listless. within a couple of weeks on Comfort Gut he was back to his old pushy self and gaining weight and top line. A client's hunter mare has also been on Comfort Gut for several months and we find she is less sassy and moody. I've just started using it on a new client's mare who is apicky eater due to gut issues - she is now eating extremely well. I would highly recommend Comfort Gut to anyone who has a horse that has gut issues, unsettled behavior, or poor weight gain" Rachel Parker
    No longer a moody mare!
    "We started using comfort gut straight away as she was rather moody (mare....) we soon after noticed a change in behaviour where she just settled and really began to love hacking and especially jumping. Her mood was completely different which had a positive effect on the way she preformed. As well her coat is now in very good condition and very silky, thank you so much! Best product and amazing results!" Isabel Lindsay
    Can travel now!
    "I had a promising horse who never had an issue with weight, condition or performance. However she developed an odd issue travelling! Whereby she would get really angry and double barrel the back door and get her herself into a state, breaking breast bars, hurting herself while constantly looking behind her and squealing etc. Travelling was torture. We tried everything for almost a year until we got her physio out for a routine check she suggested I try Comfort Gut, we spent the last year back travelling, fingers crossed no reoccurrences and a happy horsey doing her first 1.20 and plans for more this year!" Eva O'Shaughnessy

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