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    The horses Comfort Gut has helped...

    Behaviour / Calmer

    Back to competing!
    "Before starting Loriot on Comfort Gut, I'd almost given up all hope of competing with him again, due to his dreadful behaviour. Bucking, evading the bit, bouncing, teleporting and violently spooking at imaginary monsters... He still has the occasional "moment" however his behaviour has vastly improved!" Johanne Picken
    Love this stuff!
    "Love this stuff! My horse was becoming progressively crankier over a 9month period. I could tell it was internal but nothing was working until I tried comfort gut. He is now back to his happy healthy self" Melanie Jane
    Different horse to ride!
    "Have been loving this! My filly is a totally different horse to ride! After only a few feedings. She was good to ride alone but got anxiety when other horses were around and now I can ride with other horses without feeling that I am going to have a rodeo every ride and now relaxes. Definitely will be recommending comfort gut" Mariah Millar
    Way more relaxed!
    "amazing for our mares!!! They are like new horses when they use?Comfort Gut, way more relaxed!!" Mia Hofsteede
    Less stressy
    "I bought a tub of comfort gut for my rising 5 year d Connie and I can see the difference already!! He's less stressy and calmer" Andrea Richardson
    Racehorses thrive on Comfort Gut
    My racehorses thrive on Comfort Gut! This is my favorite 2 year old, picture taken 10 days before he ran his foirt race and ran 2nd. Deirdre Bell

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