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    Haylage Related Problems

    No more issues with food allergies
    " i have a very hot very silly ginger nut with food allergies . her previous owners claimed she was very difficult to keep weight on but i have no issues with her on just haylage , a handful of fibre nuts and her scoop of comfort gut " Donna Dawson
    It's a brilliant product
    I started using comfort gut three weeks ago on my two little yearling cobs, I bought them straight from a field and they were having a hard time adjusting to hard feed and haylage. Both had dirty stables and had very gassy tummys, now however they are doing great and starting to pile on the pounds! I have been recommending comfort gut to all my friends. Its a brilliant product! I would highly recommended it to anyone dealing with horses! I have used your product on nearly all off my horses and all off them have came out better than what they were like before using your product! Hope you are impressed with my feedback!
    No more haylage problems
    I started using comfort gut on my horse Max last year as his haylage wasn't agreeing with him, loose droppings and also bloating. I noticed within a couple of weeks he was less bloated and also his droppings where much firmer and he was more comfortable. I had tried other haylage/digestive supplements previously but he wouldn't eat them no matter how I mixed them into his feeds and so had no real effect, he does however like 'the black stuff' and eats all his comfort gut in every feed. I keep him on a maintenance dose now all year round.
    Amazing Stuff
    Comfort Gut is amazing stuff. I put one of my ex racehorses on it, he was always very gassy and had a really gurgly tummy. He's been on it six weeks now, his tummy is much better, his wind sucking has decreased and he is much easier work with, his concentration in work has improved and he has been placed in his last three dressage tests (all since starting Comfort Gut)!
    Working wonders
    This is working wonders on the horse that was scouring badly. He is now able to feed on oaten hay which he was not able to before and he is back in work with a much better attitude. Thanks.
    Speechless at the difference
    I'm Johanne Picken, I'm 37 & a Grade III Para Dressage rider. Loriot (Loz) is an 18 year old, 15.3 Hanoverian. He's always quirky, reguarly unseating me in competitions. After a bad fall and & a broken shoulder I tried physios, bitting experts, behaviourists, even horse whisperers - I had given up when a previous owner said she'd read about stomach ulcers causing behaviour problems. I decided to try Comfort Gut. He's been on it for 3 weeks, & the difference is amazing!He is a lot more relaxed, has hay left in his net. He's less spooky, more focused and less evasive and no more dance moves! I'm speechless, I can't find the words to express just how much of a difference Comfort Gut has made to him. Thank you Comfort Gut!!

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