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    Wind Sucking

    Minimises Windsucking
    "This stuff is great for my mare stops her eating the fence and is minimising windsucking helping to keep her weight on through this hard time of the year aswell" Erin Russell
    Reducing windsucking already
    Have just started using this on one of our pointers who has always windsucked hasn't stopped him but has reduced it already! Maria Lewis
    Great for windsucking
    Comfort Gut is great for our pony who wind sucks and helping our new boy adjust to the growing grass Becky Jones
    Brill stuff
    Brill stuff helps my windsucker so much! Maisie Birkbeck
    Thanks to Comfort Gut
    I have been using Comfort Gut for a couple of months to try and stop my beautiful Carriage Driving pony from windsucking. He has stopped windsucking!! and has performed very well at the recent Australian Carriage Driving Assoc National Championships a couple of weeks ago. I think Comfort Gut made an enormous difference to Tommy's attitude. He made an amazing recovery after the Marathon phase of the competition which he won and came away with a heart rate of 39 after half an hour rest. I am keeping him on a maintenance dose as we have another competition in three weeks time in Swan Hill which is many kms away. Thanks to Comfort Gut I am confident of him enjoying the travelling much more than he used to
    A lot happier boy now
    I use comfort gut on my ex racer. He windsucked and struggled with weight. He now looks fab and is a lot happier boy Tracy Capstick

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